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Bruce Goldman founded BGA, LLC in 1997 to offer high quality engineered total solutions to meet client needs. Bruce has more than 30 years experience in Project Management, Engineering and Construction of industrial and facility projects in the power, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Representative clients include organizations such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hoechst-Celanese, Consolidated Edison, General Electric, Grumman Aerospace, Union Carbide and New York Power Authority. Bruce is responsible for all engineering and project activities of BGA. These efforts include engineering and design services, studies, procurement activities and the management of construction projects. He is also responsible for the implementation of the BGA Quality Assurance program.


Vito Ingravallo has been with BGA, LLC since August, 2000. Vito has over twenty-seven years of experience in drafting, design and engineering. He has extensive knowledge of both fossil and nuclear power plants as well as sub-stations. He has managed multi-disciplined design/engineering projects. As Principal and Managing Partner, Vito is responsible for the Engineering Development and Marketing. Vito is experienced in many aspects of power plant design and engineering. His specialties are electrical design and managing computer system information systems.


John Szabados has been with BGA, LLC since January of 2002. John’s 20 years experience includes Electrical Engineer in the design and engineering of Commercial Buildings, Solar, Emergency/Standby Generators, Generating Stations, Substations and Nuclear Plants. He currently manages the engineering operations for BGA and is involved in the design and engineering decisions for all Electrical Projects. He is well versed in industry standards has successfully completed many electrical and instrumentation and control projects for clients at various locations. His Electrical Engineering experience includes the responsibility for all electrical/I&C engineering aspects of projects, coordination of other disciplines on large projects, controlling budget and schedule and interfacing with the client.


Jeff Fleischmann has been with BGA, LLC since January, 2006. Mr. Fleischmann was hired as the Mechanical Project Manager and quickly assumed the role of Chief Mechanical Engineer when the position became available. He is responsible for overseeing and reviewing all mechanical projects for the company. Jeff has over 15 years experience in Engineering, Project Management and Construction in areas ranging from power plant design, construction and operation, industrial plant design, utility tunnel and infrastructure design through residential and commercial building design and construction. Additionally, Jeff has been involved in design and construction of educational, institutional and medical facilities.

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