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BGA believes that our future of the Engineering field rests in the hands of the young Engineers who are attending colleges and universities. We are always looking for college students willing to work as an intern or is looking to gain some real world experience during their summer break.

BGA knows that college students are often trying to really figure out what it is that Engineering companies do. To help we offer both Internships and Co-Op opportunities.

A BGA Paid Internship/Co-Op experience is invaluable to any student. At BGA you will be exposed to many different projects, disciplines, and people with many years of experience. Through the experience of our company and its employees we aim to inform and show students what Engineers really do. BGA Interns/Co-Op students are treated as equals. Interns and Co-Ops will be put on projects and the same expectations we have for other employees will apply to them. BGA is willing to work with your school to help you meet any necessary requirements of your program.

BGA offers Summer Job opportunitites to students looking to experience what it is that Engineers really do. As a company with Architects, Engineers, and Designers summer employees will work along side people of different backgrounds and expertise. BGA summer employees are treated as equals. They will be put on projects with the same expectations we have for other employees will apply to them.

If you are interested in an Internship/Co-Op or a Summer Job opportunity please contact us at

If you are a College or University who is looking to partner with BGA please feel free to contact us by sending and email to

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