Projects - Mechanical

East River Chemical Storage Tank Project The purpose of this project was to install a permanent system for the storage of chemicals. BGA designed 4 Chemical storage containers called “Totes.” These totes delivered the chemicals via gravity piping to the Clean in Place skids. The gravity piping system was designed by BGA to be installed in the existing facility through a maze of existing piping.

From the Clean in Place tank, a permanent system for waste water disposal was designed. This design is a 25,000 gallon atmospheric storage tank. The tank was constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The tank has visual and remote level indication and switches for high level alarm, high level to close the tank Inlet and outlet valves and a high-high level alarm. All alarms will sound in the water treatment control room. The tank will have inlet and outlet, vent, overflow, drain and level instrumentation and spare connections. An access opening will be provided for tank inspection, and the tanks will have mixing capability.

BGA also designed the drainage piping from the Waste tank to the City Sewer piping. This drain line also included a valve system which allowed a designated amount of water to be drained to the city sewer.

The overall design also included miscellaneous piping and instrumentation.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Review of Design Package and Preparation of Construction Specification for the Relocation of Ignition Gas Piping of Unit 6 Boilers and the 208V Network Tie Feeders Equipment in Vault Area of Waterside 2 Station. The scope of the design portion of the project was to relocate the Ignition Gas Piping and the 208V Network Tie Feeders Equipment in the vault area to make room for the new 30 - diameter steam main. BGA performed a field walk to assure that the existing field conditions were properly indicated on the drawings and that the piping, supports, electrical panels and conduit could be installed as shown on the drawings. BGA marked up the drawings, indicating changes that needed to be made on all the construction documents, issued by Con Edison for review. BGA verified that the modified piping system would be able to support 70,000 SCFH of gas. BGA's scope of work also included scheduling and conducting review meetings, document review, and preparation of a Construction Specification.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Various East River Design Projects. BGA prepared construction packages consisting of construction drawings, construction specifications and MMs for several mechanical systems at the East River Generating Station. These projects were:

  • Relocate House Heating Steam Pipe and Hot Water System A 6 in. diameter 200# steam line was relocated to accommodate the rigging of the HRSG through the roof. The existing piping and supports were removed, a new line routed, new supports designed and stress analysis performed.
  • Heat Trace Stagnant Water Piping in the ERRP Construction Area There were four (4) sections of pipe, each section 6 inches in diameter and approximately 450 ft in length, that were full of water while the plant was exposed to freezing weather. Each of the four sections required temporary heat tracing and insulation. Con Edison indicated the source of power for each section of heat traced required. BGA issued construction packages for preliminary review, and heat trace calculations.
Consolidated Edison New York, NY
  • Investigation of stack support structure.
  • Design of various oil-water separator installations.
  • Design of various piping changes at the East River Generating Station.
McGuire Air Force Base, NJ
  • Design of a natural gas vehicle fill station.
  • Design of an AFFF protection systems and detection systems for an airplane hanger.

Fort Monmouth, NJ - Design of new fire protection and detection system for the computer center.

Las Vegas Cogeneration, Las Vegas, NV - Installation of repairs to an existing Heat Recovery Steam Generator.

New York University, New York, NY - Hot water heating system analysis and redesign.

Port of New York and New Jersey Authority, New York, NY - Evaluation and upgrade to the sanitary piping.

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