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Structural Integrity Inspections

BGA Staff has been involved in many structural integrity inspections during the years. The staff has extensive knowledge about the major Non Destructive Methods of structural inspections. These inspections include but are not limited to multi story commercial and residential buildings, hotels, warehouses, garages, and power plants. The staff is also knowledgeable about all kinds of building materials, including concrete, steel, light gage steel, masonry, and wood.

When a project of structural integrity inspection is awarded, BGA prepares a staff of its most experienced engineers that are ready to answer all their client’s needs. The process begins by identifying the project’s scopes and then preparing all the necessary equipment for the inspection. An in depth and hands on inspection then takes place. All major deficiencies are defined and any life threatening issues are taken care of instantly. Then a report with all the findings is prepared with documentations and photos supporting the deficiencies with an engineering recommendation of repairs attached.

Site Evaluation

BGA, LLC Provides a comprehensive array of services to assist clients in all stages during the process of repair, redevelopment, or acquisition of existing buildings and properties. These services include on-site inspection and evaluation of buildings and their various components including but not limited to:

  1. Roofing
  2. Building Facades
  3. Building Structures
  4. Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  5. Site Drainage and Grading

BGA prepares full reports of such site evaluations which include color images offindings. Recommendations are provided to address any deficient items found duringthe evaluations, and construction cost estimates are also developed for each recommendation.

3-D Renderings

BGA can provide 3-D realistic renderings for the purposes of visualization of completed construction, clearance case studies, and proof of concept presentations. BGA has used computer generated models in conjunction with conventional photography to demonstrate the aesthetic impact of a commercial facility in a community. With intelligent software packages from Autodesk and Bentley systems, BGA has used 3-D modeling for complete building models, confined space design, piping design and the generation of construction documentation. In addition, BGA can provide graphics for conceptual presentations.

Engineering Analysis

BGA has performed many structural analysis projects for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. During the analysis process, BGA engineers use hand analysis, as well as computer aided programs to define more precise analysis. These finite element programs include STAAD, RISA, and ENERCALC. Under engineering analysis, engineers analyze structures for gravity loads and, lateral loads, including wind and seismic analysis. BGA engineers follow the most updated codes for their analysis.

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